Latest Coronavirus update from - Somerset Waste Partnership



6am start from Monday 1 February

Initially for the month of February, householders will need to put all their recycling, rubbish and garden waste out by 6am, or do so the night before.

All household kerbside collections -recycling, rubbish and garden waste -will begin at 6am, rather than theprevious 7am, from Monday 1 February.

The aim is to step up staff and customer safety while ensuring waste services aremaintained despite the continueddisruptive pressure of COVID-19 onSomerset's kerbside collections.Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) andits contractors take a precautionaryapproach to cut contact and risk. Forexample, crews work in tightly controlledteam bubbles; the wholebubble isolates if a member testspositive, is in contact with someone whotests positive, or is symptomatic.

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